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Art Exhibition

This page is for artwork reflecting Sufi traditions, mysticism, spirituality, ecstatic consciousness, and more!

All artwork is available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists. 

Hi, name is Tommy! I am from Westwood, Massachusetts and I go to Phillips Andover Academy as a freshman. I am 15 and passionate about art, as well as a variety of other subjects. To be entirely honest, I do not think of myself as a “great” or even “good” artist, as the art I make is just as much based on the viewer as the piece. I am not really what you would call technically skilled, though I am trying to practice and get better at drawing and realistic art, as I believe that could help bring another dimension to my pieces. I have never really taken any formal art classes, so I am “self-taught” in a way, but I think art is a mostly personal process anyways so every artist is in many ways “self-taught.”
Sana is a self-taught artist of spirit exploring and practicing Islamic Art for almost two decades, after being guided to it by world-renowned Scholar and Sufi Saint, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. She was born in Quetta; Pakistan, mainly raised in B.C. Canada, and now resides in Houston Texas; U.S.A. Her work has been displayed in some of the most prestigious galleries around the country with publications in various media outlets such as Houston Chronicle, and NPR. After living a seclusive lifestyle and suffering from heumatoid Arthritis since her early teens, that left her hands deformed, she was blessed with a miraculous divine intervention of pure love —exactly at age 33— that led to a mystical awakening of an explosion and expansion of consciousness and heart —taking quantum leaps into unseen territories she never imagined even existed prior, serving as a great influence on her work since then. While also undergoing a tumultuous, yet intriguingly adventurous and fast paced, journey of transforming her base traits (pennies) into gold —after hearing a mystical voice revealing that this process has begun. In other words, it calls for, a transmutational yet transformative journey of releasing all mind controlling programming and trauma related obstacles that prevent the path of ascension into higher timelines of success to unfold. In short, her work can best be described as a mesh of traditional Arabic calligraphy, and bold yet detailed illumination, with a hint of contemporary trends —with themes of alchemy, archetypal symbolism, Sufi mysticism, and universal mysteries combined as one. Each piece is a dual expression of her life’s journey into meditative states and the unveilings created by the process of profound divine synchronicities —with an all-pervasive quality of the metaphysical. As a result of all this it becomes: divine art, in its truest sense, embodied —With love as the underlying energy.
I reside in beautiful California with my husband and two children. Creating Art is love, expression, meditation, purpose, a journey to self-awareness and so much more. I am a self-taught artist, creating from my home studio. I love to apply and experiment with various techniques and styles. I’m inspired to paint Whirling Dervishes, Landscapes and Florals. Inspiration for my artwork comes from nature and spirituality. I find much wisdom and peace from reading Rumi’s poetry and Sufi teachings, which I portray in my paintings. I hope my Art brings the viewers much joy, serenity and reflection.
Summer Blake is a visionary artist specializing in two-dimensional penwork. Her meticulous linework hones and refines her extraordinary visions; her vivid imagery often seems to glow or move as the viewer gazes at it, perceiving its multiple layers and dimensions. The creation of Summer’s work itself is a meditative act, providing a crucial opportunity for self-reflection as she navigates change throughout her life. The resulting creation is a unique expression of the epiphanies, realizations, and wisdoms acquired during a singular moment in the life of the artist. Summer's creative process is innately transformational in nature. Her artwork mirrors the process of spiritual alchemy, in which the self is broken down into its constituents, and limiting elements separated out and released. The subsequent reintegration of the pure, unadulterated self is expressive of liberation and wholeness. Overall, her body of work is a continual exhortation to others to believe in their potential for transformation. Paradoxical as it may seem, a person’s movement toward a state of self-realization is often occasioned by hardship or immense suffering. Through life’s greatest challenges, we have the opportunity to transcend who we have been – uncertain, fearful, resistant to the flow of life’s river of change – and awaken to the nature of our own divinity. Summer’s work is an empathetic expression of the universal experience of challenge, and an affirmation of the beautiful wisdoms hidden within the lesson of pain. As Summer grows, so too does her ability to express and resonate more deeply with her experience of consciousness. She is honored to be able to share her gift with others, and perpetually inspired to continue evolving her creative abilities.
Lulie El-Ashry, holds a PhD in Religious Studies with a focus on Islam and Ethnography from Harvard University, and is a writer and researcher who uses photography as a means to capture small details that often go unseen by the human eye. Currently based in Italy, she has lived in Algeria, the UK, Egypt, the USA, and Austria. Lulie’s photographic contributions to this Sheb-i-Arus exhibit, in honour of Shems Friedlander, a beloved friend and advisor, are but tiny reflections of a greater Light.
She was born in a small town in Turkey. She attended elementary school, secondary school, and high school in Ankara Turkey. She could not go to college and started working. The big city was suffocating him. At the age of 20, he moved to a seaside town, and that’s when she realized he loved painting. Because nature encouraged her to paint the sea. She gave birth to her first child, but she only lived for three days. For a long time, with frustration, rebellion, and pain, she did not touch the brush. Life went on. She tried to get through this pain by painting. Most of the time, she conveyed her pain to her paintings and comforted them. When she opened a café and started running it, she exhibited his paintings in her own workplace for the first time she did it as an amateur. Then she opened the second and third elsewhere. She was painting without training. Years later, she took three years of lessons from an Art teacher in town. She learned to be original and use his imagination to paint, light and shadow. When she was painting, she went inside the picture and said he lived there and never wanted time to pass. After living in that town for many years, she immigrated to the big city of Istanbul, and now she had her husband and daughter with her. She was attending exhibitions in Istanbul, making friends and learning new techniques from them. She started organizing exhibitions with a friend, organizing, moving, promoting, advertising and posters himself. She has organized many exhibitions. She started painting in a workshop with some friends. The texture experiments were doing their paintings in 3D. When she started a picture, she did texture and then reminiscent. Cities, animals, people and nature, they were heroes of their paintings. When she went to the cities where she was painting, she felt like she was in his paintings. They started selling these paintings through a company to Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Cyprus. She painted over 5,000 paintings in three years. She was awarded a certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism indicating that his paintings were worth a work of art. In 2018, she moved to New Jersey, USA with her husband and daughter. Now she is in the ’City’ that she loved to paint.
Marseille and Istanbul based documentary and street photographer. Currently living in Marseille France. He is chasing after the unity behind the duality. Still doing his master on Sufi Culture and Literature in Uskudar University Istanbul. Writing and reseaching about Sufism, looking for mediums to share this love message to humanity.
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