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Summer Blake

Summer Blake is a visionary artist specializing in two-dimensional penwork. Her meticulous linework hones and refines her extraordinary visions; her vivid imagery often seems to glow or move as the viewer gazes at it, perceiving its multiple layers and dimensions.

The creation of Summer’s work itself is a meditative act, providing a crucial opportunity for self-reflection as she navigates change throughout her life. The resulting creation is a unique expression of the epiphanies, realizations, and wisdoms acquired during a singular moment in the life of the artist.

Summer's creative process is innately transformational in nature. Her artwork mirrors the process of spiritual alchemy, in which the self is broken down into its constituents, and limiting elements separated out and released. The subsequent reintegration of the pure, unadulterated self is expressive of liberation and wholeness.

Overall, her body of work is a continual exhortation to others to believe in their potential for transformation. Paradoxical as it may seem, a person’s movement toward a state of self-realization is often occasioned by hardship or immense suffering. Through life’s greatest challenges, we have the opportunity to transcend who we have been – uncertain, fearful, resistant to the flow of life’s river of change – and awaken to the nature of our own divinity. Summer’s work is an empathetic expression of the universal experience of challenge, and an affirmation of the beautiful wisdoms hidden within the lesson of pain.

As Summer grows, so too does her ability to express and resonate more deeply with her experience of consciousness. She is honored to be able to share her gift with others, and perpetually inspired to continue evolving her creative abilities.

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