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Sana Mirza

Sana is a self-taught artist of spirit exploring and practicing Islamic Art for almost two decades, after being guided to it by world-renowned Scholar and Sufi Saint, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. She was born in Quetta; Pakistan, mainly raised in B.C. Canada, and now resides in Houston Texas; U.S.A. Her work has been displayed in some of the most prestigious galleries around the country with publications in various media outlets such as Houston Chronicle, and NPR. After living a seclusive lifestyle and suffering from heumatoid Arthritis since her early teens, that left her hands deformed, she was blessed with a miraculous divine intervention of pure love —exactly at age 33— that led to a mystical awakening of an explosion and expansion of consciousness and heart —taking quantum leaps into unseen territories she never imagined even existed prior, serving as a great influence on her work since then. While also undergoing a tumultuous, yet intriguingly adventurous and fast paced, journey of transforming her base traits (pennies) into gold —after hearing a mystical voice revealing that this process has begun. In other words, it calls for, a transmutational yet transformative journey of releasing all mind controlling programming and trauma related obstacles that prevent the path of ascension into higher timelines of success to unfold. In short, her work can best be described as a mesh of traditional Arabic calligraphy, and bold yet detailed illumination, with a hint of contemporary trends —with themes of alchemy, archetypal symbolism, Sufi mysticism, and universal mysteries combined as one. Each piece is a dual expression of her life’s journey into meditative states and the unveilings created by the process of profound divine synchronicities —with an all-pervasive quality of the metaphysical. As a result of all this it becomes: divine art, in its truest sense, embodied —With love as the underlying energy.

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