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The Marvels of the Heart / Science of the Spirit

The Marvels of the Heart / Science of the Spirit

Author: Al-Ghazali

“This is a book which all Muslims should cherish in their personal libraries. Without it one would lose the beauty and richness of our Islamic heritage.” —Dr. Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia

Marvels of the Heart is considered to be one the key volumes of the 40-book Ihya’ ‘ulum-al Din, Revival of the Religious Sciences, one of the most read works in the Muslim world after the Qur’an, and considered by many to be the Summa Theologica of Islam. These traditional teaching stories, which use the theme of the heart as a mirror, illustrate key tenets of Islam on the requirements of religion, living in society, and the inner life of the soul.

This is a classic Sufi manual on the ‘science of the heart. Ghazali uses a series of traditional Sufi teaching stories to illustrate the theme of the heart as a mirror. The light of the divine sun can only shine in the heart when the seeker recalls the Prophet’s teaching that ‘everything has a polish, and the polish of hearts is the remembrance of God.’ Bad character traits, acquired through faulty upbringing, are like ‘a smoke which clouds the heart’s mirror’; this is the ‘heart’s rust’ mentioned in the Koran. But the one who has polished his heart is made luminous by God’s light, and brings that light to others, which is the quality of sainthood.

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