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The Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet

The Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet

Hadith with Commentaries by Saints & Sages of Islam

This present work is the first in a European language to collect over two hundred of the most spiritual hadith, drawn from canonical collections and other authorative traditional sources, published in both the original Arabic and in English to which illuminating commentaries, drawn from the writings of Sufis from Hasan al-Basrī, al-Ghazali, Junayd, and Shaykh al-‘Alawī and his spiritual progeny have been added.

This work will surely be of great value both to those in search of authentic esoteric knowledge and to those who seek in all honesty a more complete picture of the inward as well as outward reality of the Prophet of Islam.

The traditions (ahādīth) of the Prophet of Islam are, after the Quran, the most important source for every aspect of Islamic life and thought, and include subjects ranging from prayer to economic activity, hygiene to politics, ethics to aesthetics, and law to metaphysics.

Moreover, beyond concern for all the domains of man’s terrestrial life, they include a number of hādīth that are, properly speaking, initiatic and esoteric and are meant for those who wish to follow, while still in this world, the spiritual path beyond the world of impermanence and becoming, and leading to the abiding Presence of the Divine (al-tarīqah ila’Llāh).

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