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Beauty and Light

Beauty and Light

Mystical Discourses by a Contemporary Female Sufi Master

Cemalnur Sargut, one of the Turkish leaders of the Rifa’i Sufi order, occupies a special place in the intellectual and social landscape of contemporary Islam. This is so for multiple reasons. As a female Sufi teacher who commands a loyal and active worldwide following, especially in Turkey, Sargut’s career as a scholar and Sufi leader represents an important case study in the dynamics of contemporary global Sufism.

This volume represents the first text in English translation that brings together some of her major discourses and teachings as presented to her students through the genre of oral discourses. More specifically, the discourses that form the core of this book were collected through oral interviews with Cemalnur conducted by her students as part of a weekly program aired on a national Turkish radio station. The original Turkish transcription on which this English translation is based is titled Dinle (Listen), and was published in 2012 by Nefes press.

…How our souls are attracted to our particular lives and trials in order to be purified before our return to God.

One should not say, “I didn’t get to choose these parents,” or “I didn’t ask for these qualities,” or “why did I come into this world?” This is because each individual knows his name from the time of pre-eternity. And a person’s name longs to perfect itself and to be reunited with God. So it tries to acquire a physical body. To this end, it chooses its own family and path. Eventually, the human being comes to this world.

We should try to reach true peace while we are in this world. Peace means being in the presence of God. A person who is in the presence of God is at peace in each moment

…All kinds of affliction bring out our inner beauties.

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