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Image by Michele Scala

About Us


A platform for the open-minded yearning to discuss ideas related to Presence and Existence.

A medium for those seeking companionship as they pave their own unique paths of self-realization. 

A place of gathering for the hearts and minds of individuals in search of meaning and in pursuit of true contentment.

Inspired by the founder’s personal journey, SufiCorner is a unique platform to convene people beyond the conventional with open arms of love and acceptance, under the common vision that our lives are inextricably interconnected as manifestations of the Divine Consciousness.

Rooted in a traditional, yet original dimension of Islam, SufiCorner seeks to celebrate and learn from the teachings of great sages such as Rumi, Ghazali, Ibn ‘Arabi, et al. through reflection, reading, discussion, storytelling, artistic expression, and music. 

Embodying a myriad of approaches, SufiCorner intends to aid and accompany all aspirants along their quests of a higher state of Being and Consciousness.

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